We currently have available a range of products and systems for the remote area power market. These include:




Solar photovoltaics

Wind Turbines

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Optimal Power Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd (OPS) is a long established international provider of technology, products and systems in the emerging business of renewable energy. It is facing rapid growth in the demand for its products and this is underpinning its ongoing success. The companies core business is in the area of renewable energy components and systems.

The renewable energy technologies that Optimal Power Solutions offers mitigate environmental damage caused by the fossil fuel sector. World-wide, governments are now also facilitating the uptake in renewable energy technology. OPS has positioned itself, through focusing on customer needs, to achieve strong commercial growth as these market developments consolidate.

We are focusing our business model on the surrounding developing country markets. Apart from the local markets in Sabah and Sarawak, this includes Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Africa.

Project applications include village power, lighting, pumping and other small scale applications.